The Brain Injury Handbook: Medical and Legal Perspectives

Brain Injuries, particularly concussions, are in the news practically every day.  Thankfully, there has recently been great interest in the causes and repercussions of head injuries as a result of the National Football League litigation.  Now attention is being focused on many potential causes of brain injury aside from football including other sports, accidents, and combat-related head trauma.

This book is written for the lay person to provide a simple and clear explanation of the medical and legal issues surrounding brain injuries and to educate brain injury victims and their families of what to expect after suffering a brain injury, whatever the cause. The book, written by attorney Sandra Worthington with assistance from a professor of anatomy at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, breaks down the basic anatomy, current diagnostic testing and treatment approaches, and legal aspects of brain injury in a concise readable form using plain English and with illustrations.

The book, titled The Brain Injury Handbook:  Medical and Legal Perspectives, is available for free on this website or can be ordered for $16.95 on

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